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August 07, 2008



Beautiful. Viv is there anything you can't do. You are so talented! I seriously need to do something with Miss Chloie's room. Maybe i need to look for some inspiration!


good grief, you are one talented girl! Her room is so precious.


you've inspired me to be creative. just not sure what I'll attempt to do. But you can bet I'll be calling you over to fix my mess. haha I had a great day wth you!

AmandaAmanda Seale

Was that inspired by the "Penelope" bedding, by chance? That is the one I have had dog-eared in the catalog for Miss Abby's room, so needless to say, I LOVE it!!


ok so when me and rudy get a house...u can be our interior designer...hehe

by the way i enjoy reading ur blogs...wish i was creative but..uh uh..God didn't bless me with that talent. sheesh. oh well. =)


Ummmmm WOW!!!!! She has a GORGEOUS room! You have a serious talent for decorating!! I love it!!! I love the colors, the design, the everything! It's beautiful! I also LOVE the birds!!! I want a bird to be in my logo somehow...just can't find one that fits like I want. It's a long story, but birds remind me (and my mom) of my grandma who passed away. Anytime we see a bird we think of her and since I've started the business up I keep having birds fly through my frame while I'm taking a picture! It's too cool!! My grandma is the one that got me loving photography and I named my business after her...so that's why I want a bird to be part of my theme to my business. I'm not sure where to find one, but I have been keeping my eye out. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wall you painted!! So creative! Even if it was "inspired" by the other stuff...you definitely put your touch on it and made it your own...that's what being inspired is all about! :)

Nessa Dee

Such a beautiful, serene room for a beautiful little girl!

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