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December 10, 2008



your pictures are always so magical but these ones take the cake! beautiful...i hear we may get more tonight!!! i'll keep my fingers crossed :)


your photos are breathtaking! And you've convinced me to go colored next year for lights! lol Mr. snowman rocks!!


Love your snowman! I'm so glad it snowed!

Debbie Holden

Was this too much fun or what? I have lived in Texas my entire life and NEVER have I seen this much snow in Texas!!

Nessa Dee

I'm so jealous! I want to make a snowman! So far, all we have had is a bunch of sleet, but that doesn't make pretty snowmen.


It was a winter wonderland! It was so exciting! I love the photo of Coy Boy in his rain boots. To bad Ethan wasn't here to join in on the fun..


wow, enough snow for a REAL snowman... eyes of coal and all!! I'm so jealous; not a flutter here in Fort Worth!


This was the best ever ! Emma just said yesterday that she'll probably never see snow. Then it snowed WAY more that I thought it would and she said her wish came true ! The news said Crosby got 4-6 inches. I'm still in awe !


This is awesome, I had to scrap two inches of snow off my car yesterday to drive to work. Upon my arrival, I announced that this never happens in Houston. Then after opening my big mouth you guys get enough snow to build a snowman...amazing! I love you pictures of this rare and special event.


Looks like ya'll had a blast in the snow. Your house looks awesome!
You are right, snow is rare around here.


I love yalls snowman. Very tough and manly. :)


that is beautiful!!! we woke up this morning in beaumont area w/a winter wonderland too! i was worried crosby had gotten snow and we hadn't!! but we did!!!

awesome snowman! soon as rae gets up we are headed out to make our snowman too!

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