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February 26, 2009


Emily Powell

I made this cake for Jonathan to take to work today. It was a big hit! SO GOOD!

Emily Powell

I made the cake last night for Jonathan to take to work today and it was a huge hit! It was SO GOOD!


She is also a wonderful aunt... Yeah! I so enjoyed this post.


I have the cook book and made the poound cake recipe for Rusty's birthday. I will have to try this cake recipe as well. It looks fabulous!

Debbie Holden

I wouldn't mind a cookbook if there are some left. Nothing better than a hometown cookbook and for a great cause. I don't know Debbie personally, but she has a great name! :)


Great job, Viv, Debbie and Gail!!!! You are sooo right - I want to be like Debbie also - such a sweet spirit. The food looks yummy. I've never tried lentils, now I have a reason to. How can you go wrong with chocolate, AND caramel. Is it Kar'mul or Kara mel' I think in Texas it's Kar' muuul. just like pecan! Anyway, Yummy.



I made this cake for a potluck for work and it was a HUGE HIT!!! Thanks!


Both look Yummy! I love caramel too! I have to try that cake recipe!


I have had both of the dishes and they are WONDERFUL!!! As for Debbie, I agree with Viv they don't make'em any better than her!

Julie Jackson

Love today's blog! I would love a cookbook as well, please send me the info.

Amanda Seale

must...have....this...cake, and i would LOVE to get a cookbook,i hope she has some left!


I don't know if I have ever eaten lentils, but I thinks it's time that I did! Soup looks yummy! I know for a fact that I have eaten chocolate, cake and caramel in various forms...but this one looks absolutely mouth-watering! Viv, these Friday posts are killing my will power!

Debbie Holmelin

Good Job, ViV...I will call you later today!

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