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May 14, 2009


scented candle lover

Scented candles are a great way to escape through aroma therapy, scents can bring back old memories and create new memories aswell and the best of both worlds is being able to get a quality scented candle and not have to pay for the "quality" prices.


Any idea when a newScentsy contest will be help? Wickless candles are so much better and safer. Keep us posted! I'm interested!

mandi williams

the plug in style work great also!

Nikole Emfinger

I booked a party with Amy!
I can't order one with out smelling ALL the scents : ]


My favorites are the sweet smells...vanilla, sugar cookie, creme brulee but I love most anything!


Oh these look wonderful!! I have wanted to burn candles in my kids room - but have been afraid to! This would be perfect!! And I love the idea of the scent bars - I could have a different scent for every room in my house!!


ohh, i'd love to have one of these. call me ghetto but i always loose the wick in the melted wax so i bought a cup warmer(mini hot plate) to "burn" my candles. it works but this would look so much nicer. ok so one of my favorite scents is bird of paradise but like u viv, plain vanilla scent is my all time fav. :)


Sure, I'll comment for a chance to win. Sounds great and perfect for a family with little ones. I am a sucker for the scents that make my entire house smell like a kitchen. It makes it feel so homey! I also love clean smells for a bathroom.


I have never tried a scentsy so I think this would be a great opportunity! :D My favorite candle scent is something sweet but yet rich at the same time. Maybe A cinnamon vanilla?! Sounds yummy...I like candles that smell like someone is baking.

Michelle Holloway

I am not a big candle fan because I worry so much about leaving them burning or one of they boys touching it and getting burned. This is a cool idea and I have heard lots of good things about them. I would never buy one for myself, but think it would be cool to have one, especially with all my stinky boys! My favorite scents are cherry blossom, honeysuckle or any "clean" scent, I am really not that picky.


I love walking into a home and being greeted by a warm, greeting scent? Does that make scents (pun)? Seriously, it makes a home so welcoming! I too suffer from " forgetting I have a candle burning" syndrome - or could it be old age? Anyway, these sound wonderful. My favorites would have to be an apple-cinnamon or a light fresh scent like fresh laundry. Choose me, Choose me!!!! Love, Mimi


Ok, don't put my name in the drawing, b/c I already bought mine from Amy, but I had to post that I love mine! I leave mine on all the time. I love the leather/vanilla combo, pineapple and the cactus one (smells clean). There are also night light plus in's. I have one in Garret's room.


sounds like something i need! i have left candles burning quite a few times! i love fruity smells.. i have a blueberry cobbler candle that is my absolute favorite!


I Love candles and Pineapple is one of my favorite scents!! Can't wait to see who wins!


I love candles too, and like you I go thru about 1 a month. I have one in my kitchen right now that is called Pomegranate, but I would love to be able to have one in Noah's room too without having to worry about a wick. And I admit, I have left the house and forgotten to blow my candle out! My favorite smells is anything that smells like I'm baking, like Sugar Cookie or there was one once that was Chocolate Chip Cookie...or any clean smell.

Lee Ann

I actually have one of these! A friend of mine, Angie, sells them too! My favorite scent is the perfectly pomegranate! They also have car scents that are great! I hope I win! I need one for my room!

DD  -  Donna Davenport

No offense taken, Amy. At the time it happened I couldn't laugh, but after that I giggle every time I think about it.

Amy Hunter

No offense to Donna but that story made me laugh out loud. Poor Bubba!

Francine Brittain

This is great. I also love candles. All time favorite vanilla, but I'm
open to anything new. Thanks for such a special web site. I can't hardly
wait to see what you are going to do next...

DD  -  Donna Davenport

Here's the person who needs it the most!!! ME!!!!! I haven't been able to burn candles since we got our two cats in 1997!! That's a L O N G time! And I love the smell from scented candles. Here's the reason I had to quit burning them. One of our cats is a BIG FLUFFY cat with a BIG FLUFFY TAIL -- named BUBBA. Right after we got them, I was burning a candle in the kitchen and Bubba came to investigate! Lo and behold, he turned to walk away and his tail went right over the flame and in a flash, his tail hair went up in smoke. I thought that it might be a one time mishap but when he did it a second time I had to give up my candles! So what do you think????? Did I win?

Silvia Salazar

Hi Viv,

I have a an almost 1 yr. old son in diapers, so the burning candles is VERY, VERY popular in my house. I go through a lot of candles as well, which also translates to a lot of money, so the idea of Scentsy is admirable. I love the fresh clean smells or the smell os something baking. It depends on my mood. Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway.

Kristie Gottselig

I have been wanting to try this! I love the smell of candles but hate burning them because I have a 2 year old who loves to blow out candles. I am scared she will burn herself or set the house on fire!!! Not good! My favorite scent is vanilla or pineapple..basically any food scent! Great idea Viv!


send me the info Viv! this is exactly what I need - I banned myself from candles last year. I came home one day and the smoke alarm was going off - I left a candle burning all night and almost burned down my apartment(and Homer)!

Vivi Killion

Amber, I should have mentioned that you can also mix the scents. So if you had a vanilla bar and lavendar you could put one square of each to get that mix smell. Somebody I was talking to mixes the vanilla and the leather.


I've heard about these but never really looked into getting one. They are very pretty and have tons of scents to choose from. I have so many favorite smells that its hard to pick just one. Right now the scent that is the strongest in my house is Lavender Vanilla. I love it. It makes me feel calm.

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