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May 06, 2009



Yummy!!!!! Wow, can't remember the last time we did make ice cream - guess when the boys were still at home. The strawberry looks wonderful. The picture tells it all!! Homemade tortillas are an artform in itself - I'd love some of Martha's tortillas and homemade salsa RIGHT NOW! Please share the ice cream recipes with everyone. Love, Mimi


You can come make this anytime at my house...I'll let you :) Actually, I might need to swipe this recipe for our July 4th family reunion. Everyone is bringing their ice cream makers and making their own ice cream for everyone to taste test. How was the consistency ? I'm thinking I might make something off the wall though...like a matcha ice cream or something....DANG ! Now I need to start making up recipes of ice cream !


My grandma always made homeade peach and a yummy vanilla. I will ask her for the recipes.


Looks yummy! They sure are enjoying their homemade ice cream!


Too cute! Looks like they loved it! My mom has a GREAT chocolate recipe... I will get it from her and post it on here.

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