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July 09, 2009



I have trouble with this one. It never hardens unless I freeze it!? It stays liquidy in the fridge. What am I doing wrong!? HELP!

Lee Ann

I vote for this on the next Porch Swing Therapy night...... the one I won't miss!

Nessa Dee

Yum yum! Hey Viv, I'm trying to find a free week to head that way. I keep volunteering myself to do things, and my summer has been busier than the school year! I'll let you know when we plan to head that way. I'm so looking forward to this shoot...we don't have a family portrait of the four of us, yet!


I'll have to try this one out !!!
I will be off next week if you want to get together. I'll be back in town on Wednesday...


I as so excited to try this!! I love anything key lime in the summer.


this is one of my favorite fat free desserts! So light and soooo yummy! It's also good with lemon instead of lime. Enjoy your week off Viv!

Julie Jackson

Looks simple enough for my "non" baking self!

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