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July 23, 2009



I love the crab and the pictures! Kristie - remember I am just around the corner whenever you have leftovers!

mandi williams

crab looked delish.... really DELISH! and im with carli, i wanna fridge like that... whao.. have to do sum sweet talking to tha hub!


Finally, Kristie, I know your secret!!!! But I'd rather you just make it and have me over :) I love your home and esp. the kitchen.... so jealous of the fridge! Vivian, your pix are the best. I love looking at them all (people & food)!! .....don't wait too long to post the choc. dessert recipe.....

Julie Jackson

OK, I just walked in from vacation and I saw this post on my cell phone and didn't have time to reply! OMG! Kristie, you look awesome, I am so jealous! Well, you know I am, I sent you a dirty text! HA! Love it, as always Viv, and Kristie is an AMAZING cook! I can't wait to try more of her dishes in the future! ;o)


ok, I don't eat crab... but this looks delicious. Seriously Viv, your photos could make me want to eat seafood, something that I am very much allergic to. Now, chocolate is something that I am not allergic to and I think that dessert looks fabulous. Waiting (im)pantiently for that recipe....

ps. Kristie is a beautiful girl with a beautiful home and some serious cooking skills! Awesome job ladies!


Viv, thanks for letting me be a part of this! It was so much fun. Anytime you want the chocolate cake recipe, let me know!! :)


This makes me want to learn how to cook, sell my house, build a new house with a gourmet kitchen...all near a super HEB! Looks Fabulous Kristie!


is that an industrial size fridge behind her in the first pic? I want one.

p.s. I made fried green beans last night :)

Nessa Dee

I'm so hungry...I think I'm going to have this for breakfast!

Brenda Elkins

I think these pictures are so inviting and award winning---of course Mom is so partial about her girl~ I had fun just being there and eating all the yummy crab----the chocolate cake was the bomb----I am a chocolaholic for sure! I am so proud of both of you----the cook and the photographer! You made a great team! Love Mom/Nana


Okay, HEB is going to be running out of crab because anyone who sees this is headed to get some! By the way, do all Crosby gals have beautiful homes to go along with their darling face, hairstyle and clothes? Seriously, you girls are a complete package! Now come help me get it together!


I got shrimp from that HEB the other day and they were very fresh. The food looks beautiful and I want that cake pedastal !


YUMMY! This looks deliciouso and such pretty pictures. I agree with Amanda - how long do we have to wait for the chocolate recipe? Not too long I hope. Have pity on us after VBS , a great week, but I could sure use some chocolate about now. Love, Mimi
P.S. this cooking post was worth waiting for.

Cristina Murphy


Amanda Seale

These are the most beautiful photos ever! They look like they are straight out of a magazine. I don't even eat crab, and I want some of this. Oh, and the not sharing of the dessert recipe...cruel, very cruel!

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