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August 13, 2009


Lee Ann Lee

I am printing this one and putting it in the "Thanksgiving at the Beachhouse" file.


I WILL be doing this as soon as I can find an excuse!! (and have enough people to shar it with!!) Thanksgiving morning!?! YUMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!


Yum! When did you say you were serving??


Looks yummy!! I can't wait to try it!


Oh, Viv. I read this post this morning as I was eating my boring bowl of Special K.

that looks SO yummy!

Julie Jackson

WOW! We may be having this at my Mother's Day Brunch next Spring! Looks amazing!


I have agree with Jenn on renaming this dish! Good Lord, I'll have to ride a whole buncha miles on my bike to have this one... but I am willing to do that - it looks so yummy!


Yippee ! A blog post before I go to bed !

This sounds very interesting...I'll have to try it !!!


omg! You might have to rename this...'Become As Big As A Farmhouse Breakfast Casserole'. Doesn't fit on the healthy meal plan... Unless you eat an apple after?? LOVE YOU! Thanks for sharing...always!

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