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November 09, 2009


Ashley Rieske

I'm looking forward to a Christmas with both of my girls old enough to enjoy it this year! I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning!


I am looking forward to having my 1st Christmas as a mother. Seeing my son open presents for the 1st time will be amazing to watch as he loves things that make noise so wraping paper maybe his favorite toy, LOL It is also my husband & I's 1st Christmas in a house so decorating will be exciting. I can't wait to smell the real tree and see all the neighborhood lights. I love the holidays because it always brings the whole family together! This year will be many 1st but also will continue many traditions. :)

LaNita Hildebrand

I'm looking forward to Christmas this year because this is our 1st Christmas with our twins! I know they're still too young to know what it's all about, but I'm so excited anyways!


Singing Christmas carols, twinkling lights, beautifully decorated trees, our church Christmas party, baking with my kiddos, watching someone's face light up as they open up that perfect gift and most of all spending time with family!

Lori@Not Always Charming

I'm looking forward to remembering to TAKE pictures. Ask me how many holidays have gone by and we have been finished unwrapping before I remembered that I FORGOT to take pictures?

Think I could get everyone to re-wrap their gifts and have a re-do? hahaha

nessa dee

I always look forward to the big family get togethers. Christmas is one of the few times a year we all get together and we have a blast!

Our Life With Two Boys

i'm looking forward to my oldest actually understanding what Christmas is all about... the last 2 years, he's was too young to enjoy opening presents... but now, i think he'll love the unwrapping!

i've used one of Jennifer's cards for my youngest's birth announcements... she was fabulous to work with... i've gotten so many compliments on them...


Family, family and more family ! This year James works Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so this year I will be looking forward to 5 each day when he gets off work !!!

Megan Miller

Pajamas, wrapping paper, very early mornings with warm hot chocolate, lots of family visitors all ready to share a story, giggles, kids playing with the boxes instead of the actual gifts, lights everywhere!, seeing your friends from out of town at church on Christmas Eve, the smell of cinnamon sticks, the instant "homey" feel that your house takes on as soon as you put the last ornament on the Christmas tree, singing Christmas songs at church in the candle light, and now that I am a mother to a two year old...the anticipation of watching Emmaly Grace open her presents on Christmas morning. Did I mention the giggles? :)


These are all really cute! I look forward to TRYING to cook for my family! I am horrible!!!

Julie Jackson

I look forward to tucking the kids in bed Christmas Eve extra early most times because they are so excited about Christmas morning and putting cookies out for Santa! Then Lance and I have that alone time to well after midnight watching a movie, putting the last touches on all the gifts and making sure everything is ready for Santa to arrive! God Bless!


I always look forward to the christmas holidays....the lights, our christmas town we set up for the kids, and definately the cooking and baking! But Christmas time to us is especially dear to me because Jeremy and I celebrate our anniversary on the 19th of December. Our annual tradition every year is going out to dinner and finishing up any shopping we have to do. This year we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary with a weekend away to Fredericksburg. Our most memorable dates and anniversary trips are filled with the christmas spirit, magical lights, and crackling fires. We look forward to our small town trip, the food and shopping, and once more celebrating another year together....and just as in love as the day we said our vows. We are both counting down the days!


Christmas night......Sitting by the fire (if the weather ever gets cool enough of course!) with the tree lights glowing in the dark with a mug of hot chocolate- with whipped cream- watching Thomas play with all of his Christmas surprises. Pure bliss....

Andi Saenz

What I am most looking forward to during the Christmas holidays is going to our first Family Reunion. We leave for Virginia on Christmas day and the reunion is on the 27th. I am so excited about seeing family that I haven't seen in over 20 years and them meeting my son.

Rhonda Hodges Nunley

I love Christmas Eve. We always had Christmas with my dad's side of the family on Christmas Eve and had so much fun. Now my papa and aunt are gone and so those memories are very dear to me. Now we have Christmas Eve with Jeff's family and I love all the commotion of 7 grandkids opening presents, crazy stories, games, good food and so much fun! Then time to come home and go to sleep cuz Santa comes the very next morning!! :) Oh to be a kid again!!

Lee Ann

Every Christmas, I look forward to watching Kailyn give our family gifts. She always comes up with something quirky, unique and totally unpredictable. I look forward to the Christmas Eve Service and hearing Brother Henry sing, "Oh Holy Night". I also look forward to Christmas at my parents. Every year, dad tells the Christmas story and it is a very special time. I love the smells of Christmas. I love the time we intentionally spend with family. I love surprising my kids with a gift they never would have expected. Basically - I love Christmas!!!


How fun! I love the designs. I love love love Christmas...and I look forward to everything!


Watching the little ones open presents!! And especially Drew this year! They way they just light up and get so giddy... I can hardly wait!


Cold weather!!! As soon as the cold weather hits I am in such a good mood. I love seeing christmas decorations and hearing christmas music. I love christmas shopping because I always seem to find a little something for someone, I love to give. But most of all, Christmas has always been the time of year when the whole family gets together and my grandfather reads the christmas story. He has every year since I remember, and now when we have christmas at our house we invite them over and he still reads it. It's a christmas tradition that I will always cherish because it reminds everyonethe reason for the season.

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