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November 19, 2009


Cris Gregory

WOW! great location! awesome picures....

LeAnn C.

Ok. That last picture of James made me laugh out loud!

Lee Ann

Love the location on these! How creative! I wouldn't DARE try our family in a junkyard...... my boys would be out of control!

Great job.


Wow! Never thought a junkyard would look so cool!! Amber, great location and Viv...beautiful pictures as always!






WOW! How creative! What a wonderful shoot. Viv, you have outdone yourself! I really want to come to church with you and listen to this dynamic family sing!!!

Megan Miller

Oh My Gosh I lvoe these!!!!


PS....Do they know the people that own this junkyard or did you just randomly show up and ask for permission to shoot there? Or sneak in?! lol!! Just curious how all that works ;) I'm always seeing places like that I would love to shoot but have no clue how to go about getting in. I'm always too chicken to walk up and ask...but if that's what you did then I better get some guts and start asking!!


I'm SO JEALOUS!!!!!! I love love love this shoot! My favorite you have ever posted!! I have always wanted to do a session in a junk yard!!! This is such a cool group of photos! I want MY family pictures in a junk yard!!!! ;) I seriously can't pick a favorite because there are so many I love! The RV shot...pure genius, perfection, love it! The rusty thing with the 3 openings...LOVE. The shot of the little girl and the van....I could go on and on! They are all fabulous! I would have peed all over myself from excitement if my client asked me to do a session in a junk yard! Don't you love clients that just get art?!? Awesome session Viv! You are rockin the camera sister! :)


Viv, you did a great job as usual. I know you had great subjects to work with but your talent behind the camera is awesome.


Beautiful - Very unique setting. I love it!

Melinda Killion

I love these pictures! How unusual and unique. Beautiful family and TAlENT is their name! When Don saw the RV he said it reminded him of Christmas Vacation. Just the RV - not the family! Won't these make cute cards. Love the one with them sitting in something? with the 3 windows.


I think this is my favorite shoot that you have done! AWESOME!! The Asbill's are a beautiful family! Way to go!!!


Shawn and I absolutely love them.. Love the silly poses.. You did a great job and they looked great..


Amber...yall look GREAT!!! Love all the pictures!!!


Thank you thank you thank you !! You are so awesome ! I love these so much and it's hard to have a favorite. I so loe the ones of Emma though. Just beautiful !


I forgot to say that the little girls skin looks so gorgeous in the 4th one!

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