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January 11, 2010



PS:I want to make a button for my site too....


Viv-You are truly an artist and I appreciate the fact that you keep your prices so affordable because for your quality of work, you could easily get leaps and bounds above what you charge ! I thank you for that.


These are awesome!!!

mandi williams

THNK YOU thank you THANK Y O U!!!!!! u did wonderful.. love all these shots, and i must say my horse has a fine booty :)lol. you really shine viv, so bright i goota wear shades! i wanna tell you linking them was a very sweet thing to do, they may get lessons from you giving them a prop! i am VERY proud of you AGAIN, my friend.

Asha Vashte Kenebrew

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Now I'm wishing I had my jeans on!!

Melinda Killion

What a great job you did capturing the equesterian center's purpose, facitities, etc. Fantastic pics. of the action with people and horses. Great job, Viv,
I'm not going to let Papaw see these fantastic horse facilities! Far cry from our own.
Love, Mimi

Kristie Criddle

LOVE the pictures! Horses are my youngest daughters passion and she takes lessons somewhere else but these pictures are beautiful! I'm sure your clients will love the images you captured!!


I am so down paying for your talent!


These photos make me want to get on my boots, find me a horse and go ride off into the sunset. A cowboy beside me in tight jeans and stetson hat wouldn't hurt either... You captured the cowboy spirit and I know you have some very happy clients. Love the new blog header and the link button. How do I post it on my facebook page for you? I'd love to promote you and I am sure that I am not the only one...

Andi Saenz

You know Tee Woolman? That's so cool!

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