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March 02, 2010



Tulips ! Hyacinth ! Daffodils !


Cute kiddos! What a sweet sister-brother relationship.. Great job Bibi~as always.

What do I love about spring? EVERYTHING! The trees and flowers are coming out to blossom from their winter shell. The windows are open and you can smell the fresh cut grass. All four of us are out getting our hands dirty in the flower beds. Then to have the day end, grilling steaks on the back porch and drinking a tall glass of...ice tea (haha), while admiring the yard we worked so hard on. After all the cold and wet..I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!

Mindy Lou

These kiddos are adorable and I am loving the bright colors! Great pics Vivo!

I love when the grass starts turning green again and the trees and flowers start to bloom and everything looks alive again! The drab winter shades of browns and grays begin to fade away... Oh and I get to wear flip flops again!


Spring Break is our favorite thing!!!


These pictures are great. My favorite thing about spring is my kid's birthdays - in March and May, and spring break! (I'm a teacher and really need that week off!)

Lee Ann

I love brother sister pics!!!! Oh my! How beautiful. Reminds me of my fav pic of Brendon and Kailyn sleeping with their arms around each other. Great colors!!! What do I love about spring? The very few and far between PERFECT days in Houston. I love the weather when it's cool enough for a sweater, but warm enough for shorts! The weather where we can leave our windows and doors open! I love to breathe deeply and enjoy the outdoors! Is that enough answers for me to get a chance at winning the 8am slot??? Then we'd have to have a drawing to decide which 2 kids would get to be in the pics!!!!! Pick me!!!!


ok, as you can see I posted a million comments,lol. It was not showing them so I would have to go back and do it again. Anyways, to sum it up they are AMAZING!

Sarah L

hayden and autumn are so adorable!!! wonderful pictures :) fave things about spring...sandals, sunshine and bluebonnets.


These are awesome! Thank you so much Viv. You captured their personalities so well. You are so talented and the kids had so much fun! I can't wait to see the rest of them. I am glad you like your candles also.

Julie Jackson

WOOHOO Michelle! the pics are fantastic! ;o)

I would LOVE to win the mini shoot for Tay and Cash! If I win I promise Viv I won't put them in black, white and red clothes! HA!

I love Spring because my children are so excited that they get to play outside without me yelling! "Put your coat back on"!


Thank you so much Viv. These are amazing! You captured their personalities so well. You are so talented and have been blesed with a gift. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. I am glad you like your candles also.


Thank you so much! turned out great and I cant wait to see the rest of them. My wall is going to be full of the most amazing, bright, beautiful pictures! You are so talented Viv and you totally captured their personalities. PS I am glad you like the candles :)


These are too cute!! I absolutely love the colors!

Spring..hmmm...- I think of Spring as that "in between time." In between weather, the freezing cold and the scorching hot. In between days, when you know the time is about to change because its actually still light outside when you put your baby down and you can sit on the porch with your hubby and talk as the sun goes down. In between plants, when things are starting to grow. I just really like the “in betweens”. :)


These are great!! Love the colors! My favorite thing about spring is the beautiful sunny weather...not too cool, not too hot! Oh, and the flowers! I love spring flowers!

Crystal Booth

What do I love about spring? I guess my favorite thing about spring is the renewed life that comes with all the sunshine, and the warmth and beauty of it all. Spring is a time when the plants, flowers, and trees come to life, and show their true beauty. A time for renewal of not just flora and fauna but knowing that spring also reminds us of the renewed life we can have in Christ too!!


Cute..Cute..Cute! Autumn & Hayden look so cute!

Spring~ i love the flowers, sunshine & knowing that Easter is right around the corner!

Michelle's candles are fabulous!


aww CUTENESS! And her candles are ROCKING!

Andi Saenz

I absolutely LOVE everything about Spring. I love the cool, crisp, sunshining days and the smell of freshly mowed grass. I adore the fact that Daylight Savings time is right around the corner and we can play outside for what seems like forever.

Hayden and Autumn are 2 of the most precious kids that I know. They are a perfect mix of their wonderful parents. Once again, wonderful job, Viv!

rhonda hodges nunley

LOVE freshly planted flowers beds!!!! Can't wait to work in the yard again!!


SUNSHINE!!! We have missed it so much this year! Oh..and sweet little Lainey dresses :)
BTW...love those little smiles!

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