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April 08, 2010



YUM! I might be able to make this one!

kristy cook fey

I will be making these soon!

Tiffany Stark

We tried the recipe tonight and loved it! Great job Julie...Dean loved the shrimp and the tilapia I will make this way just to eat on its own..so goood! Thanks for the ideas---keep em coming!


Viv, the way you photograph things make this gal, who is highly allergic to shrimp and not at all a fan of fish, want to eat some fish tacos! I am down with some guacamole though, fo' sho'! I am glad you threw out the phrase bomb diggity... makes me feel a little less alone in my dorkiness. Great job Julie and Vivo - yall make a good team. So happy the "At Home" posts are back


Oh, and PS: If your mom would like to make me some tortillas any time, I'd be glad to accept ! Does she make corn ? I love those the best !

DD  -  Donna Davenport

Looks delicious Julie!!

Viv. your post got me thinking about the origin of the different sayings. Some of the defs for bomb diggiity could be copied!! Thanks for the quick lesson! I wish my brain wouldn't go off on tangents like this but it does so I though I would share! Back to work!!

A bee's "corbiculae", or pollen-baskets, are located on its tibiae (midsegments of its legs - knees).
The phrase "the bee's knees," meaning "the height of excellence," became popular in the U.S. in the 1920s, along with "the cat's whiskers" (possibly from the use of these in radio crystal sets), "the cat's pajamas" (pyjamas were still new enough to be daring), and similar phrases which made less sense and didn't endure: "the eel's ankle," "the elephant's instep," "the snake's hip."

Stories in circulation about the origin of
"The Bee's Knees" phrase include: "b's and e's," short for "be-alls and end-alls;" and a variation/revision of the term "business."
"The Bee's Knees" is a term indicating excellence - the highest quality.
Because bees carry pollen back to the hive in sacs on their legs. The allusion is to the concentrated goodness to be found around the bee's knee.

off the chain

(idiomatic) Free from work or direct supervision. In reference to slave labor, where workers are chained, or to the figurative chain of workers of an assembly line.
1912, The Windsor Magazine, An Illustrated Monthly for Men and Women, volume 36, page 296
“Here,” said Wigmore, “no bickering tonight, and no politics either. I’m off the chain, and we’re going to take you out to dinner at Oddy’s, and a theatre.”

Often doesn't have it's own definition. Only when placed with other words it really has a meaning

bomb diggity

1. No diggity = no doubt, for sure

2. Bomb diggity = great, awesome, the best, etc
1. "I like the way you work it. No Diggity! I got to bag it up."
(from song "No Diggity" by Blackstreet)

2. "Hey, did you get that new album yet? It's the bomb diggity!"

1. Coined by the group blackstreet "no-diggity" (meaning no doubt or without a doubt) and now used as a modifier to affirm the awesomeness of the attached word.

2. When attached to a name "diggity" can also affirm the awesomeness of that person.

LeAnn C.

Viv - Did you throw them tacos on the ground?!


I love fish tacos ! I usually like to get them from Pappasito's, but I'm going to try this recipe !


Ok I don't cook but I am going to so give this a try! Thanks : )


I think this is the Yummiest and the Prettiest "at Home" EVER!! :)


Everything looks so great Julie. WAY TO GO!!!!! Love the setup, apron, kitchen, pictures...love it all. I might have to make the fish tacos soon. Oh, and we LOVE the corn tortillas too...so delish!
Great job as usual Viv! :)

Heather Skeen

Fabulous! Now I have the guacamole recipe and I'm figured out how to make fish and I'm sooo moving on to fix tacos next! And she's wearing the apron I got her for Christmas! SO CUTE!! Love the butterbell photo-op's as well... and the fresh cilantro is so pretty!!! Great job on the pics Viviana!!! The kitchen looks great!!

Julie Jackson

WOW! I love it! The pics turned out perfect and you got them all in! I love the new "way" your are blogging more photos! I am hungry! HA! Thanks again, it was so much fun and now the world can make my semi-homemade fish or shrimp tacos! WOOHOO!

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