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May 24, 2010



Cute pictures with the cutest grandparents I know! Enjoy!


So thrilled to have these! Thanks again Vivi. And he does look an awful lot like Scott. I've noticed that just about the only people who say he favors me are those who have never seen my husband!


Such a beautiful little boy...and Mama! I love Shelly's purple shoes. These are great pictures, Viv!

Melinda Killion

Hi Shelly and Owen, fantastic photos! Do Donna and Ronnie look like happy, proud Grandparents or what! Owen is a cutie.


Owen is such a handsome little guy! What fun colorful pictures - great job Vivo!


His eyes are gorgeous! Beautiful pics Viv!


Lots of love and fun in these shots !!! He's a doll and that color shirt on him really brightens everything up !

Pam Blaha

Little Owen is precious and is very photogenic much like his Mom, DD and Coach! You had really good subjects...I love them. Great job, Viv!

Raimie Myrick

Viv - I admire your work often... this set especially! I love to see DD so happy. What a spectacular job you did!

DD  -  Donna Davenport

These are wonderful!! Thanks so much for fitting us in your busy life. These pictures are treasures. It makes me miss him so much!


Oh, I can't believe how Owen has grown! Shelly, he looks so much like Scott! I love the shoot with Mr. and Mrs. D...Viv, you captured them beautifully. You can tell how much they love little Owen.

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