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December 15, 2010





Viv...You did such a wonderful job with our crew! You have a true talent for capturing the emotions of a family. These pictures have created a lifelong memory for us. I know I will hold these dear to my heart forever. Thank you.


sniffle sniffle maaan i need a tow truck to pull this lump from my throat. you see these peeps are what make me me .... my dear heart warmers! and you did capture ALLL of our crew so well. i know we were a big group, but this means so much to me, YOU are a special person that amazes me more and more Viv!


WOW! These are so great! What a cool wall in the last picture!


great job Viv! thank you so much for putting up with us and still coming out with a beautiful product! LOL

Amber Asbill

These are great and I especially love the abstract wall !


LOVE them!! This family is so very special!! Beautiful pictures!!!

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