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February 22, 2011



thats what im saying - she does not even look like she is carring twins. the pictures look great!

Anna Holmes

Wow, you guys were meant for each other. I remember when I first met you both.......crazy couple!!! Now the babies are on the way!!!! Blessing are sent to the Busey family !! I can't wait to see the girls when they arrive !!! Who would've thought "Momma Danielle", but it looks good on you !!! I know you and Mark will be great parents. Love ya both !!!


WOW! She looks amazing! You'd never know there were TWO babies in that belly.... Great pics!!


Love these ! Love the processing and makes me want twins ! No, really I do !


These are Great!!! i didn't know you were Prego!...and with TWINS!!! How exciting!!


Danielle~ You are glowing with happiness. Beautiful. Congrats you two..or should I say, 4:)
Bibi..once again great job!

Bridget Williamson

Danielle!! Twins!!! So exciting! These are my in my top 5 favorite pics,(sessions) Viv. I love the style, color, angles, location, textures...LOVE THEM ALL!!! Congratulations Danielle!!


These are great pictures Danielle!! You two are so blessed to have 2 baby girls coming soon! I wish yall the best!

Beverly Cribbs

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


I can't even find words to express the feelings that I am having when looking at these pictures!! They are so amazing. You captured Mark and I perfectly. Thank you again for your amazing work. These pictures brought tears of happiness.

Andrea Seals

These are so good! Danielle, you look beautiful! Momma looks good on you! :)


yay! great pics of two beautiful people and their little growing family! good job viv!


These are beautiful! Love the processing!


Danielle! I had no idea u were having twins!!!!! Congrats!!!!! Ur pics are gorgeous!

Sarah Humphries Smith

OH MY GOSH!!! TWINS?!?! I had no idea. Danielle, you look BEAUTIFUL! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill Blankenship

Great Pictures....


D - you are absolutely beautiful! Your belly is so cute!
Viv - these pictures are stunning! Love them all!

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