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April 07, 2011


Katie Hallison

I love your overall look! The makeup made you look edgy and fierce. I wish I could learn to put on makeup as good as you! =)


Hot Momma!!! Love Amber's makeup! I agree Buffy would love to see a makeup pictorial from Amber!


Beautiful! I have been using MAC for years and LOVE IT!!


Love MAC! I use all of these products...but Amber, I still don't look like you. Thanks for the tips!


Let me also add that MAC is one of the least expensive of all the name brands you can find in places like Macy's. If you are like me and work outside of the home, or you just put make up on every day, you can run out of products really fast. However, with MAC, a little goes a long way and in the past I've tried to save money by only buying the products I can get at Wal-Mart, which I love those too by the way, but I end up buying more often and end up spending the same. So, if you can have a make-up slurge every now and then, go for MAC and it should last you twice as long as the products that don't cost as much. I'm a makeup nut, so I have tried it all and MAC is still my favorite !


Yay, I use 5 of those seven products ( I heart MAC) but don't look half as pretty as Amber. I honestly think doing hair and makeup is a gifted talent... some of have and some done. My sister got it... not me! :)


Amber always looks fantastic! I love that now I have her secrets. Might have to visit MAC soon.

Jennifer Eidson

if only my covergirl budget would allow for a Mac splurge!!!


I LOVE my MAC foundation and blush!!! I can wear it from work, to the theater, to church-anywhere. It's JUST RIGHT AND when you turn in 6 empty containers, you get a FREE lipstick!!!


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