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July 07, 2010


air jordans

The Antarctic penguins are dying, we will go to save it


Viv, you can't give my Taylor time away! I am your 6pm in Taylor!!! I need you Viv.... you are the only one for me (and my crazy crew)! Hugs, Tiff Oh and I totally agree that you should be the marketer for these towns! You have a way with scenery that is spectacular! That blue sky, how did you do it friend?


I'm still so bummed we can't go ! Hmm.....sounds like we need to take a little trip to Austin in the fall...one where you bring your camera. Ha ! I do love Austin.


Viv, St.Ed's marketing department should buy your photos. They are amazing! I had such a lovely time sharing St. Ed's and South Austin with you!

Cathy Price

My brother went to St. Ed's his freshman and sophomore years of college. Then transferred to UofH. It's a lovely location for photo shoots Vivi. That red roof is what always comes to mind when I think of St. Edwards. Beautiful pictures. :)

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